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What was to happen happened: because of a lack of precautions regarding the monitoring of your e-reputation, a person or a company is tarnishing your image without you being able to act!

As soon as an attack occurs, you must analyze the type of attack: defamation (violation of the dignity of a person or the honor of a company), insult(contempt, outrageous …) or denigration (discreditation of ‘a competitor). You need to react quickly because damage to your reputation can have a big impact

  • Decrease in sales and turnover
  • Disclosure of confidential information
  • Attack on the dignity of a leader or the image of a company
  • Customer Reviews, Degrading Newspaper Articles
  • Loss of confidence of consumers, suppliers, partners …
  • Lawsuit

We aim to define a personalized online strategy aimed at achieving your business objectives. Increased sales, increased revenues, greater efficiency, reduced costs, training your staff or improve communication with your target audience , are just some important priorities for all companies

We are an Online Marketing Consultancy specialized in creating, developing, implementing and measuring Online Marketing Strategies . Our objective is to guarantee the maximum return on investment of the client (ROI) with demonstrable data so that you can “Dread” your management with security and confidence .

The  Online Consulting is a very valuable option for those not looking for an outsourced comprehensive solution for their business. It helps to provide teams capable of developing the Online Marketing plans agreed with knowledge and effectiveness.

We pride ourselves on the deep knowledge of the sector and the experience in the proposals of creative digital solutions . We offer our clients knowledge, technique, experience and creativity  that have achieved outstanding results .

To obtain a detailed knowledge of the products or services, consumers, needs of the company and the business objectives of the clients, our digital consultants maintain the  precise meetings with the work teams of the companies . Our experts evaluate the impact and effectiveness of their digital technologies and investigate the competitors. Likewise, our team identifies the KPIsf or their subsequent measurement and evaluation of the success of the Online Strategy , as well as to analyze and give priority to the campaigns that provide the greatest impact and effectiveness, in order to adapt to the budget allocated, times and internal resources .

Our professional team can help you create the profile of consumers -public target- , the monitoring of behaviors and the way in which consumers interact with your brand . This research allows us to understand the attitude of the final clients before your brand  and how we can influence them during the entire communication process. 
We can provide each of our services on an individual basis or in combination with one or more other services within our Online Consulting .

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